quinta-feira, 1 de abril de 2010

Boticário- finalizado

Cliente: O Boticário Franchising S.A Produtora: Hungry Man

Veiculação: Nacional Produto: Active

Prazo de veiculação: 12 meses Peças: 01 filme de 60” e versões

Exclusividade: perfumaria e cosméticos. Filme: Tempo

Mídias: TV aberta, TV fechada, cinema, mídias alternativas, internet, lojas e TV boticário e You Tube

30” Spot / Active

“ Time”

The spot starts with a beautiful woman around thirty years old. She’s in the bathroom of her house. Wrapped in a towel she gets an “Active” product and starts to rub it against her face. As soon as she applies a small amount of cream on her face and starts to spread it, everything around gets frizzed, paralyzed.

Voice Over:

- O Boticário Active

Her cat, that was lying on the furniture next to the sink jumps and freezes on the air. A bird that was flying by the window gets paralyzed too. While she applies the cream (demo about the scene)

Voice over:

Exclusive Matrixcil technology stimulates the collagen for smoother, soft, more beautiful and younger skin.

Cuts to the woman. already dressed, leaving the house. She’s walking on the street. Everything is frizzed around her. Cars, people, motorcycles, buses, dogs, nothing moves. She realizes and starts to enjoy the situation.

She passes by a kid that is frozen holding a ball to throw to her dog, that she is holding by the collar. The woman gets the ball from the girls hand, shakes it in front of the frozen dog and thows it far away. The dog remains frozen, doesn't move . The woman laughs and keep walking through the frozen city.

Now she passes by a coffee shop with outdoor tables. We see costumers at the tables, all sitting still, paralyzed. The woman stops by a man that reads a newspaper.

He takes the cup of juice that is sitting on the table, has a tasty sip and keeps walking. Passes by pedestrians standing still, bicycle riders, and reaches a floriculture.

Still having fun with the situation, she grabs a rose and keeps walking. But as she reaches the corner, she stumbles over a woman that is also walking, the only one that is not paralyzed, besides her. They both give each other a fright

We see on the other woman's hand, a O Boticario bag. Both smile with complicity. The camera opens up and we see a O Boticario store from where the other woman just left. Both keep their way in opposite directions

Voice over:

Make time stop for you as well.

Cuts to the pack and signs:

- New Active Line. A younger skin, a more beautiful you.

treatment by

Stephen Pearson