sábado, 6 de março de 2010

Marlboro- finalizado


@ Saville Productions

Shoot: Buenos Aires

Leo Burnett USA, a division of Leo Burnett Company, Inc., as agent for Philip Morris International Management, S.A

Marlboro “Be”

Director’s Interpretation by Fernand

o Vallejo:

" BE FREE: two words that strike me like the heart of our proposal.

The final tag line, be everything you want to be, reassures that freedom and confidence.

Most of the thoughts I’ve wrote for Gold are valid for Be, especially the chapters about models

and actors.

But there are two differences between the two:

First, this territory is not only the city but also great outdoors spaces.

We want to feel the world is open to new possibilities.

We are free to imagine, experiment, explore new places, and make new friends.

Secondly, the approach for “Be” is more flesh and bones, it’s about people, passion, adventure,

a journey to discover yourself as an individual and as part of a group that shares with

you the same feelings.

This will be an experience that awakens the senses. I want the images to evoke the smell of

the sea, grass, rain, I want the characters to fight the waves, the wind, the sun and have fun

doing it. And I want the camera to go with them everywhere, even under the water.

I imagine swimming in a lake at night by moonlight, riding a bike without a shirt in the

middle of the city, singing aloud in the subway, running for fun in a crowed street, people

will be free to do whatever they feel like doing.

Our characters will sometimes look directly to the camera, sharing with the viewers those

moments, making virtual eye contact. One of the most memorable scenes in the animatic is

when Jude Law driving a motorbike looks directly to the lens in a mischievous way. He breaks

the barrier between viewer and character and that is what we want to do in these vignettes


Here the electricity and connections will come naturally: the territory is not only a physical

region but an emotional one as well. You belong here with all your heart and it shows it..."

Casting Director:

Claudia Secaf & Chuck