sábado, 5 de novembro de 2011


Casting: Claudia Secaf e Renata Kalman
Produtora Cinema Brasil: Planeta Film S/A

  • Veiculação:                                  Estados Unidos, Caribe por 12 (Doze) meses contados à partir da 1º veiculação que poderá acontecer até a primeira quinzena de Março de 2012. TODA MIDIA ELETRONICA COM INTERNET com vinhetas e versões ilimitadas.

  • Exclusividade:                             Shampoo & Condicionadores

  • Previsão de film.:               Entre 3 e 5 diárias de filmagem + Viagem ida e volta para a Republica Tcheca. No total serão cerca de 7 dias. Entre 13 e 20 de Novembro. Opcão de Mídia impressa.

To: Casting Director
From: Adele Testore
Date: October 28, 2011
Re: Additional Casting Specs for Suave Keratin Infusion Line Hair Models
1. These specs are in addition to the creative specs.
2. Payment will be session fees plus a buyout without residuals. See
breakdown that follow.
3. Media: all media including TV, digital, in-store, industrial.
4. Conflicts: all shampoos and conditioners.
5. Negotiations do NOT include print. Print will be negotiated separately. Print
will be shot on the same days as the TV.
6. Do not eliminate any talent due to fees; just indicate on the casting logs if a
talent is more expensive than the range we are offering. We want to see all
talent that is a possibility since we wonʼt have time to go back multiple
7. The pressure of finding that one talent: since we are looking for 1 woman to
represent the entire Suave Keratin Infusion Line in all media, the casting
will be highly scrutinized. Allow for the usual casting and callbacks plus
additional time set aside to regroup if the client doesnʼt approve the
callback select or any of the backups. To prevent this, we will submit our
select plus more backups than usual. In the event that the client does not
approve anyone, be prepared for a total review of all the casting done to
date and resubmitting other options.
8. All elements of the casting process to be included: prep, casting, callbacks,
editing, posting, session meals, travel & per diem, overtime. Everything! No
overages if possible.
9. Beauty casting: this is critical… have women come in with clean hair
that is wavy/curly in its natural state…NOT blown out. The goal is to
see the quality of her natural hair and if she is a good candidate for a
keratin treatment. Talent should also bring their portfolios to the
session so we can see examples of their “finished” hair.
10. Special note: the talent will be expected to allow our behind-the-scenes
stylist (a very very experienced top stylist) to apply the keratin product to
her hair. The treatment is mild and safe if used on hair as outlined in the
other casting document. So if she has answered those questions honestly,
she should have nothing to worry about. The treatment lasts up to 30 days.
It appears that she will have to have a whole head treatment. Minimally she
will have to allow us to apply the product to a section of her hair so she can
sign an affidavit that she used the product. But definitely get their reactions
on camera to letting us apply the product. (See talent questions.)